Additional shipping information


We recommend insuring your shipment against potential loss or damage. The insurance price is 1% of the shipment value, with a minimum fee of 300 CZK excluding VAT. If you submit your shipment in person with payment at DHL ServicePoint, it is possible to insure the shipment up to a maximum value of 30,000 CZK.
For air transportation, the insurance covers not only the value of the shipment but also the transportation costs.


For document shipments, we recommend arranging extended liability for 130 CZK. In the event of loss or damage to the documents, a one-time refund of 13,000 CZK will be provided.


The price for transportation is determined by either the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater, at the piece level. DHL Express follows the standard formula for calculating volumetric weight based on IATA regulations, which is (length × width × height in cm) / 5,000 = volumetric weight in kg.
DHL Express Easy Price List


Please ensure that each shipment is packed in a way that prevents damage to the shipment itself and to other shipments during transportation. If you are unsure how to pack your shipment, please refer to the following packing tips may help.

For shipping pieces exceeding 70 kg, they must be placed on a pallet and you should notify us at least one day before pickup.

You can find packing guide for large and palletised shipments HERE


Our web application, MyDHL+, allows you to make bookings and calculate prices for shipments. Shipping documents are immediately available to you after booking, and you can also create your own customs invoice or upload it electronically. While MyDHL+ can be used without logging in, we recommend registering to fully experience all the benefits it offers.


For shipments outside the EU, a customs invoice must be attached. When using MyDHL+, you can electronically upload the customs invoice or create it directly in the application.

Please note that for shipments outside of the EU, the transportation price does not include customs fees and taxes that may be charged in the destination country