Package or parcel to the USA

✈ delivery in 2 days

Need to send a package or document overseas? New York, Las Vegas or Miami?
In 2 days, the recipient will be signing a receipt for our courier.

You can order parcel or package delivery to the USA:

personal shipment at DHL ServicePoints
online with submission to DHL ServicePoints

Freight prices to the USA:

Find the price or visit directly

Shipment type (dimensions) Price when hand delivered at DHL ServicePoint Price when ordering and paying online Price when ordering a courier by phone Service details
Envelope (37x27,5 cm; 0,5 kg) 1,790 CZK 1,915 CZK 2,215 CZK Details
Box 2 (33x18x10 cm; 1 kg) 2,680 CZK 2,805 CZK 3,105 CZK Details
Box 3 (33x32x10 cm; 2 kg) 3,890 CZK 4,015 CZK 4,315 CZK Details
Box 4 (33x32x18 cm; 5 kg) 6,220 CZK 6,345 CZK 6,645 CZK Details
Box 5 (33x32x34 cm; 10 kg) 8,860 CZK 8,985 CZK 9,285 CZK Details
Box 6 (41x36x37 cm; 15 kg) 10,830 CZK 10,955 CZK 11,255 CZK Details
Box 7 (48x40x39 cm; 20 kg) 12,770 CZK 12,895 CZK 13,195 CZK Details
Box 8 (54x44x40 cm; 25 kg) 14,610 CZK 14,735 CZK 15,035 CZK Details

Customs clearance to the USA:

Duty is not payable on shipments to the USA:

  • if you are moving
  • if you are sending goods between individuals up to €45

Extra customs control, which we can advise you on, is required if you are shipping:

  • foodstuffs
  • medicines
  • alcohol
  • works of art