Receiver Paid Service

What is Receiver Paid Service and its benefits

Have you forgotten your personal documents, favorite jewelry or even your entire suitcase while on vacation in a hotel? Take advantage of our Receiver Paid Service and have your item shipped from any country in the world to your home. The receptionist at the hotel will just wrap the parcel and hand it over to the courier, you will pay the postage costs.

We are now offering 20% discount for shipping your forgotten items as part of the Receiver Paid Service!

Benefits of "Receiver Paid Service"

  • If you are a business without a DHL Express corporate account or an individual, you can easily make your payment online by credit card.
  • You can control your shipment wherever it is in the world. You can see when and where it was picked up, where it is at the moment and the time of delivery.
  • DHL Express takes care of all the logistical details.

How to use DHL Express Receiver Paid Service

Using this service is very simple:

  • On the MyDHL+ website, enter the information needed to send your shipment: the pickup and delivery location and the recipient.