Package or parcel to Austria

✈ delivery in 1 day

Need to send an important document to a business partner in Vienna? Or did your children forget to pack something important for a skiing trip in the Alps?

We will solve your problem in 1 working day and your parcel will be there.

You can order parcel or package delivery to Austria:

personal shipment at DHL ServicePoints
online with submission to DHL ServicePoints
by phone (courier will come to your door)

Freight prices to Austria:

See examples of prices for some shipments. To find out the price for a different size shipment to Austria, including the price for the actual packaging, simply use the price calculator online.

Shipment dimensions Price when hand delivered at DHL ServicePoint Price when ordering and paying online Price when ordering a courier by phone
Envelope 1,520 CZK 1,645 CZK 1,945 CZK
Small box (approx. 33x18x10 cm, max 1 kg) 2,560 CZK 2,685 CZK 2,985 CZK
Large box (approx. 54x44x40 cm, max 25 kg) 10,820 CZK 10,945 CZK 11,245 CZK